Rediscovering fulfillment after years of unconscious self-harm

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Self-improvement changed my life for the better, and then slowly destroyed my self-esteem behind the scenes.

As humans, we’ve survived by working hard to push society forward and do better than the generations before us. It’s instinctual. It’s in our blood.

But in the society we’ve built for ourselves, it’s easy for us to get thrown off balance without even realizing it. And in that case, instead of working for the betterment of ourselves and society, we can unconsciously go in the opposite direction.

In this article, I’m going to guide you through my journey of self-improvement, and how it…

Because you’re a smart cookie, and the world needs to hear your thoughts

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I don’t care if you’re the next Elon Musk sharing some sacred alien knowledge; if your blog post isn’t strategically written, people won’t read it.

Luckily, getting your ideas across in a way that engages your audience isn’t rocket science. Once you have the basics down, it’ll be easy to replicate.

So, let’s get into the top three tricks to help you upgrade your blog posts instantly.

1. Leave Shakespeare in the Year 1616

I’ve edited hundreds of articles and written my fair share for clients too. One of the biggest problems I see comes down to overcomplicated wording.

Shakespearean English has its place, and it’s unfortunately…

The mindset tools that help me defeat fear

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Throughout the last few years, I’ve heard the same phrases time and time again.

“I can’t travel alone like you; I’m not that brave.”

“I want to move there, but I’m too scared.”

“I want to work for myself too, but what if I fail?”

Before I began noticing this pattern, I never thought of myself as brave. I never went to battle or jumped out of a plane, and sometimes I squeal when a wasp comes near me! I have been diagnosed with both panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder too, so I’m definitely not zen.

To me, the…

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Like most of us, my spiritual journey has come in waves.

I have felt extreme bliss and connection, and I have fallen into the depths of darkness and solitude.

My human experience has come with trials and tribulations. It has also come with incredible miracles and accomplishments.

Wherever I have been in my journey, I’ve prayed.

I’ve expressed my undying gratitude for both the pain and the pleasure.

I’ve angrily screamed to the skies, and I’ve wept in wonder at the divine.

I’ve experienced unshakeable fear, and I’ve felt unstoppable.

Yet, wherever I have been in my journey, I’ve prayed.

Carly Lumsden

Adding as much value as I can to the world through my words.✏️ Copywriter @

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